Killer Clown Horror Photography

This was one of my favourite shoots of all time. Not just because it was clown horror photography and I’m OBSESSED with clowns, but because it went even better than I envisioned. The location was incredible, the lighting was perfect and everything came together magically.

We went with a story-line for this particular shoot and I also wanted it to have that 70’s horror movie vibe, so edited the set to make it look like old film stock and added some grain in there for good measure.

We used a smoke bomb to light up the sun rays that were coming through the ceiling and Harry, our clown model, brought along his own costume!

One of the photos from this set was featured on LooksLikeFilm.

Models: Harry Craig, Tuesday Amber

If you’d like to book me for some killer clown horror photography, be sure to contact me here.

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