Bloody Bathtub Horror Photography

The model in this bathtub horror photography is me! And I had so much fun doing this.

The blood was a packet of power blood that I mixed with some lukewarm bath water. You want the bath water to be slightly warm so that you don’t freeze your flaps off, but still not too warm that it steams up the camera lens.

I put on a long black wig backwards to cover my face with hair and a dress that I didn’t mind getting ruined. Although luckily the dress didn’t stain in the end!

The dead body in the bag was a prop I made for a Halloween party. It’s basically two large bin bags filled with plastic bags (you know the bag of bags you have in the cupboard?) and I used some tape in the right places to mould it into a human body shape. It scared a lot of people at my party, so I thought I would re-purpose it for a shoot.

For the shots that I’m in where they’re taken from above, I set up the camera and had my partner help me take the photos and get everything aligned.

If you’d like me to come and shoot some bloody bathtub horror photography, please contact me here.

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